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Priority List

High Priority
Wayward [One Piece]
Summary: [AU] Directions were all he needed; he wasn't lost, dammit. [Zoro x Reader]

Inertia [One Piece]
Summary: [AU] The first day of summer vacation was reserved for doing absolutely nothing. Unless he was around. [Luffy x Reader]

Second Chance [One Piece]
Summary: [AU] You couldn't know it was in this time, this life, that you would have the lost opportunity to be together. [Ace x Reader]

Takane no Hana [KHR]
Summary: What seems to be close may in fact be the furthest from your grasp. Can you reach the flower on the precipice before it withers? [Yamamoto Takeshi x Reader]

Notes: I'm on a One Piece binge, so those stories are of course high on the list of being finished (though Mihawk's is not listed because his story's still being thought out). Wayward and Inertia are one-shots while Second Chance is multi-chapter.

Takane no Hana is a dedication story and very important - how could I leave it unfinished? It's planned out, I just have to write the remaining... 47 chapters.

Medium Priority
Seduction for Dummies [KHR]
Summary: What the hell kind of title was that for a book supposed to be a gift? Then again, it was from Reborn; you couldn't really expect anything nice. How was it his business what went on in your bedroom anyway?! [Hibari Kyoya x Reader]

Un Vol de la Fantaisie [KHR]
Summary: Fate was surely mad if she thought you and he could have anything close to a fairy tale romance. [eventual Hibari Kyoya x Reader]

Skobeloff [Saiyuki]
Summary: To create any hue of cyan, you first have to mix both green and blue together. [Cho Hakkai x Reader]

Notes: Both Hibari stories are troublesome. One is the story about how his relationship developed with the reader and the other is about him being seduced of all things by the same reader character.

Skobeloff has hit a block - or I should say my inspiration for it is low. I know what will happen in a few of the future chapters, but not the chapter in progress.

Low Priority
A Woman In Love With This Man In Uniform Should Have Her Head Checked! [Gintama]
Summary: Even love can form somewhere between sadistic tendencies and many noodle bowls. [Okita Sougo x Reader]

Don't Sleep With Moonlight Shining On Your Pillow [Gintama]
Summary: ... because being around all of these people will make you quite insane without added help. You'll do your best to return the favor though. [Gintoki/Reader/Hijikata and Various/Reader hints]

A Supernatural Kind of Thing [Supernatural]
Summary: Being a hunter put a target on your back. Forming a kind-of alliance with John Winchester put you into the middle of something so much bigger than you realized and it all started when you tagged along to help him investigate the death of Daniel Elkins. Now you had a damn fluorescent red dot between your eyes. [Eventual Sam/Reader/Dean]

Notes: Gintama fanfiction unfortunately falls very low on my priority list. It is one of the manga I enjoy reading but not writing fanfiction for. I wasn't planning for the Okita story to be long - maybe 10-12 chapters. As for DSMSYP, Gintama is just too long for me to go on putting the reader character into the story. After an original arc, the story will be finished.

For ASKT, again, the same issue: Supernatural is a long series and it takes much dedication to continually stick the reader character into the show. While I had that ambition initially, I don't anymore. I have to figure out how I'll continue the story from here and how to end it.

Soul Searching (series)[rewrite] [Bleach]

Rivalry (series turned multi-chapter fic)[rewrite] [Fairy Tail]
Summary: The things men do for love... like attempting to sabotage your friendships, constantly picking fights with their potential rivals, looking dumb while trying to impress you and just generally turning your life upside down. Well, you wouldn't say men as a whole - just Natsu and Gray. It came with being the focus of their enormous competitive spirits. Pairings: Various/Reader + Reader/Various [triangles, squares and more; implied shoujo-ai]

The Times and Trials of a Loyal Shonen Jump Fan [Gintama]
Summary: Because not even purchasing Jump is easy for a guy with a natural perm. [Sakata Gintoki x Reader]

Notes: These stories are more or less in limbo. When they will be worked on is anyone's guess - even mine.

My Soul Searching series has two of the eleven already written and posted. The remaining nine are planned/roughly outlined and have to be written up.

Rivalry actually has one chapter written but the rest have one sentence summaries of the chapter plot.

TTTLSJF has a vague plan of 11 chapters total. The first chapter is partially written.


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Sep. 16th, 2012 08:16 pm (UTC)
Glad to know you're still on a One Piece binge. XD

Though I hope you'll find the inspiration and, why not?, the time for working on the Soul Searching series. I loved the rewrite of Byakuya's story so much! And Rivalry also. It was so funny..
Sep. 30th, 2012 02:47 pm (UTC)
I agree with all the other OP fanfiction writers on Luna: there isn't enough of it! It's a shame, too, since OP is pretty damn fantastic (which you know).

Listing everything like this makes me realize how much I want to work on it all. I'm rapidly cycling through my fandoms as of late XD While one of them gets all of my attention, the fics/ideas for the rest go on hiatus unless I get a breakthrough idea.
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